There could have been Burials in the Churchyard since the Church was founded the Twelfth Century. Parish Burial Records are held in various Archives from 1558 to the present with only a few gaps.

The first known Plan of the Churchyard is attached to a document dated 6thMay 1830 being a record of the West Riding Justices to stop up and discontinue two Paths in the Churchyard. Since then the area has been doubled in size. 

The first extension was in 1867 when R C Clarke Jnr. gave a piece of Land at the East end and paid to have a wall surround it. Records survive detailing the gift and the erecting of the wall.

The next extension was in 1890 when the then Vicar the Revd W S Barker gave a portion of the Vicarage Orchard to the South of the Church. 

I1928 further Land was added on this side.

There are eight Grave Slabs in the Churchyard of the Church of All Saints that are Grade 11 Listed "Buildings"

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission records the Churchyard as a War Cemetery. There are four of the well known White Commemorative Stones.

Prince in his "History of Silkstone" 1927 gives a List of various Inscriptions noting 'though today many of the inscriptions are hard to read'. (This deterioration has continued) Two Examples still remain: -

'To the Memory of Mr. John Ellis 7thApril 1766…' 

                       Life's like an Inn where Travellers stay,

                       Some only breakfast and then away;

                       Others to dinner stop and are full fed,

                       The oldest only sup and go to bed.'


'William Downing, of Stainbro' Inn' died 22 July 1753 aged 38

                       Time was I stood as thou dost now,

                       And view'd ye dead as thou dost me:

                       Ere long thoul't lie as low as I,

                       And others stand and look on thee.'

A Learning Theme on the Graveyard called 'Tales from the Tombs' has been undertaken and you can click on the link below to see a copy of the Handsheet.

   http://www.silkstonereflects.co.uk/Churchyard Handsheet.docx

A new display board, near the church porch, is being installed in July 2014 showing positions of graves and pinpointing the positions of 10 interesting graves.